1. Everyone... Everyone.... I urge those of you who can spare the time to do the 24 hours of reading in 48 hours challenge that starts tonight at 12:01 AM
  2. I will be doing it and keeping everyone updated.
  3. If you want to give it a go or read what it's all about go to: https://24in48.com
  4. You can sign up there and look through the list of other people doing the challenge.
  5. Sometimes there are even prizes!
  6. While reading use the hashtag #24in48 on your different social media sites so people can keep track of how you're doing and cheer you on.
  7. I will be doing this challenge all day tomorrow and Sunday.
  8. I have a comfy outfit to wear.
  9. Food already prepared.
  10. And a pile of books I'm planning on going through.
  11. If anyone would like to join me I strongly encourage it!