Inspired by @ListPrompts. This will be a typical workday for me.
  1. 0645 the alarm goes off.
    Fiancé and I moan and snuggle down deeper into the covers for the 9 minutes of snooze time.
  2. 0715
    FINALLY get up. Fiancé gets water on the stove for making coffee in the French press, this is followed by a flurry of showering, brushing of teeth and hair, dressing... And trying to figure out how in the world this process can be done while still asleep.
  3. 0800
    Out the door and headed to the museum where we both work.
  4. From here things can vary. But we're going with me working the box office and he's working the Digital Dome Theatre.
  5. 0805
    Open up the museum. Turn on lights, computers, count money, unlock doors, walk through exhibits and get all lights, sounds, and videos turned on.
  6. 0900
    The museum is officially open for the day and now we wait for patrons.
  7. 10
    Usually no one has shown up by this point. It's winter and there's fewer people visiting right now. So I will read a book, or go on Pinterest. I can't have a phone at the front desk so no List App. 😒
  8. 1100
    Patrons! Yay!
  9. 1155
    Tell Caleb (coworker working the live shows) how many people should be in his shows. Also avoid conversation because if you talk to him he can't stop himself and will therefore be late starting his show at 1205.
  10. 1200
    Time for some food. Either leftovers from dinner the night before or the typical order from the food court menu. And as vegetarians Fiancé and I don't have many options in this area. So it's usually French fries. (I know. Healthy, right?) Or sometimes we mix it up and order a cheese sandwich (not grilled cheese, cuz the museum doesn't offer that. Just a deli sandwich without the meat).
  11. 1300
    At this point there is usually some change in shifts. So sometimes other coworkers come in.
  12. 1400
    Try not to die of boredom. Clean the counters at the front desk. Maybe vacuum. Chat with bosses, Tom and Sam. Look busy when the CEO is walking by. Make small talk with the not-at-all-funny but finds-himself-hilarious maintenance man. Argue with him that I DO know ASL and he doesn't have any idea what he's talking about.
  13. 1500
    Look at Pinterest for wedding dresses and ways to decorate reception. Get excited and tell everyone the cool things I've found so far.
  14. 1505
    Get excited because my replacement has arrived.
  15. 1510
    Fiancé and I head out towards the grocery store.
  16. 1600
    Back home. Unpack groceries. Start making dinner.
  17. While making dinner we usually have a show going on in the background. Or we're talking about work.
  18. 1800
    Dinner is served!!!
  19. 1900
    Clean up after dinner.
  20. 1930
    Read a book or work on website Fiancé has designed for us.
  21. 2200
    Time for bed. 😴😴😴
  22. 2205
    In bed and ready for sleep. Which usually takes about an hour to two hours to finally take over. For both of us. We both toss and turn a lot. But hey that's life!