Chores I Hate Doing

Okay I know we all hate chores. But these are the most hated. I'm oddly okay with ironing. And like to vacuum a lot. Please feel free to add your least favorite chores.
  1. Putting away laundry.
    It's all clean. It just needs to be folded and put away or hung up.
  2. Taking out the trash...
    Hey it's cold this time of the year so it always feels like I have to prepare myself to embark on a journey to take the trash all the way to the bins outside.
  3. Cleaning a pot with burned food on the bottom.
    Scrubbing, scrapping, soaking, boiling water with baking soda, steel wool... How does this happen to me so often?
  4. Doing the laundry. I'm fine with putting it away but I hate the process of putting it in and then taking it out and moving it to the dryer or to line dry.
    Suggested by   @KateandDogs
  5. Picking up the dog poop in the backyard.
    Suggested by   @like_wasabi