Cuisine from around the world.
  1. Chris was gone for about 5 -1/2 hours today.
  2. That is the longest I have been home alone for about 3 months.
  3. And because I'm me somehow I ended up doing something that was for Chris.
    Because ya know... I spend literally 24/7 with him and the one day I got to myself I didn't exactly do something for myself. I'm weird like that.
  4. Anyway I decided to go grocery shopping and do some food prep work and double it as a huge food-focused date night.
  5. And ended up doing cuisine from around the world.
  6. And here we have the (almost) complete spread.
    Not the whole thing... I don't have the bread in the picture.
  7. Italy
    Pesto Gnocchi
  8. Greece
    Pita chips, hummus, olives, stuffed grape leaves, artichoke hearts...
  9. Mexico
    Spanish rice, bell peppers, onions, beans, salsa, all baked together...
  10. India
    Lentils, chickpeas, tikka masala with cauliflower.
  11. Thailand
    Peanut sauce on rice with a mixture of vegetables.
  12. Germany
    Sausages (vegetarian. We are non-meat eaters), sauerkraut, mustard and not pictured all to go on a roll.
  13. America
    Sweet potato fries!
  14. China
    Spring rolls. (Because vegetarian. So wouldn't get egg rolls with your typical pork in them)
  15. I realize none of these are 100% authentic. Please don't judge. But it was a delicious meal and we have left overs for lunches and dinners for awhile!
  16. Yay cooking and good food and wonderful company!
  17. In conclusion: Had amazing food and Chris did the dishes tonight.