1. So as some of you know my husband and I eloped on the 8th.
  2. Well now we are having a reception tomorrow... Something we've actually been planning for awhile.
  3. And seriously all it's been is fun to plan.
  4. I haven't felt any stress about this.
  5. My in-laws are incredible and have done all the hardest work.
  6. It's just going to be a simple, fun outdoor party.
  7. I have a feeling, because I admittedly can be super high strung, if I was getting married and having the reception all in one day I would be flipping out right no
  8. Coordinating both venues, attendants, flowers, guests... Everything... I would probably be in Stressville Population: Me.
  9. Instead I'm just all...
    Ya know. Just fine. Chill. Happy.
  10. Even if only 12 people show up it will be a good time! Friends. Family. A couple of dogs. Food. Cake. Sparkly white lights.
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