This just in... I'm getting married.
  1. I first knew I wanted to marry him in September...
  2. I had just had a fight with my parents.
  3. He held me while I drank wine and cried and cried.
  4. I was a mess. Every inch of my body hurt. And he held me. Kissed me. Told me how much he loved me.
  5. That's when I knew I had found the man whom I could always rely on. Always trust. Always feel safe with.
  6. Fast forward to October when I created a secret Pinterest board called "I Want to Marry Him"...
  7. Chris (fiancé) sees this board on our laptop.
  8. Fast forward to November.
  9. Something really bad is going down at our work. So I spend a lot of time distracting myself on Pinterest.
  10. When I am really in a panic he calms me by asking me to show him things I've pinned to my secret wedding board.
    It oddly worked really well.
  11. One day he tells me down to the very last detail what I want in an engagement ring.
    Even though I had never told him exactly what I wanted. He just pieced it together from rings I pinned and my commentary on what I did and did not like about each ring.
  12. I love this man. He knows my likes and dislikes. He's interested and pays attention.
  13. Fast forward to Friday December 18th. I'm at work and joking with him about proposals.
  14. He tells me he once joked with friends that if a woman ever broke the stereotype and proposed to him he would say yes.
    Then proceeds to tell me about a friend who proposed to him and he said yes to, and as far as I can tell they're "engagement" has never been broken off.
  15. I jokingly tell him I'm going to need to ask permission from his mother (I also work with her).
  16. So I ask his mother for his hand in marriage.
  17. She laughingly, but lovingly, gives her approval.
  18. The next night I'm sitting on his lap and I ask him to marry me He says yes.
    I asked if he was joking since it had started as a joke. He tells me I have to figure that out. 🙄
  19. I ask a coworker to 3D print a yellow ring for Chris, and guess his ring size.
    This was seriously a random whim I had. We have a 3D printer at the museum we work at and it actually made perfect sense.
  20. Monday comes and I'm headed to the hospital for a procedure.
    Side note: At this point my coworker is printing the ring and I still do not have it.
  21. When asked who I came with to drive me home after the procedure I tell them "My boyfriend."
  22. Back in the hospital room I jokingly tell him I wasn't sure if I should call him boyfriend or fiancé since he had said yes.
  23. He jokingly says back it's not official yet because I didn't give him a ring.
  24. Today I'm feeling lousy and the day hasn't gone well at all. But I have a ring I've stuck in my bra.
    Because it would have been easy to see in any of my teeny-tiny girl pockets.
  25. I reminded him about his crack about the ring. And pull out his ring.
  26. He's pretty shocked, but laughing and smiling.
  27. He says yes and takes the ring.
  28. Then we both pause...
  29. Are we both serious about this? Was this still a running joke. WHAT IS HAPPENING?
  30. We're both serious. It's official. We are engaged. ☺️
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