1. November 2014 it all began....
  2. I had just moved to a weird little town in a new state.
    Side note I was in a relationship with someone else at this time. I was going to try and live in this new state for only a year before moving back.
  3. The first time I ever saw him he was working at a museum.
    A museum I hoped to soon be working at.
  4. He did a live lab show and later did a planetarium show.
    During the planetarium show it was just my mother and I so he showed us what was in the sky in the city we were from.
  5. I thought he was kinda cute (I like facial hair on guys....)
    But come on guys, I was in a committed relationship so that was the end of that.
  6. I didn't get started at the museum right away because I needed to go back to my home state to help my parents with some things.
  7. So December passed.
  8. January passed.
  9. Finally I got started at the museum.... But only as a sad little volunteer.
  10. I had just finished my interview with a couple of people about my volunteering and was being escorted around the building to meet everyone.
  11. And there he was...
  12. The man with the beard....
  13. Sitting at a corner desk in the education department...
  14. The bearded man basically ignored me.
  15. I was just a volunteer. He probably wouldn't see much of me anyway.
  16. That weekend I went back to my home state.
  17. And I got engaged.... To the other guy.
  18. By Wednesday I was back and interviewing with the head of education.
  19. By Thursday I was volunteering.
  20. I was thrown into the process.
  21. I was told to get some items from some place... Called disco? What?
  22. So I asked the silent bearded man.
  23. He showed me where to locate all the items I was seeking.
  24. He was very friendly.
    But in some ways like a cat.... Very standoffish.
  25. The next time I worked with him I was told to avoid going near him because he had been very sick and was probably still contagious.
  26. Fast forward to March.
  27. At this point I had barely worked one-on-one with bearded man (named Chris...)
  28. We had to work a horrible little spring break camp for kids that was a total flop.
  29. I was still a volunteer and he marveled that I was willing to work so hard without pay.
  30. I watched him deal patiently with a small but annoying child.
  31. And I started to fall head over heels for him.
  32. Oh and I'm still engaged to a different man at this point.
  33. I get hired at the museum.
  34. And I get a computer and half of a desk.
  35. Across from Chris.
  36. We talk constantly.
  37. I'm enamored.
  38. He's so intelligent.
  39. And so sweet.
  40. One night in April I have a huge fight with fiancé.
  41. I do a crazy thing.
  42. I ask Chris to talk to me.
  43. It's late. We're sitting in a park.
  44. And we're talking about everything.
  45. By the time I get home at 1 in the morning. I'm sure of 2 things.
  46. 1) I have to break up with my fiancé.
    It was a VERY unhealthy relationship and we fought constantly. But that is another list for another time.
  47. 2) I'm head over heels in love with Chris.
    I know. That probably sounds so bad.
  48. I spent the next three days not talking to my fiancé. And talking constantly with Chris.
  49. On the fourth day I broke it off with my fiancé.
  50. Exactly one week later I was traveling with Chris out of state (another friend was also with us.)
  51. While we were gone we ended up sharing a bed together.
    No no no. Nothing naughty happened. Get your mind out of the gutter.
  52. We talked almost the whole night. Just laying there. Talking.
  53. I was falling deeper in love.
  54. Three days after that he came over to my apartment and spent the night with me.
    Again NOTHING happened. I told him I just wanted some company.
  55. That night he told me how much he liked me. And kissed me.
  56. Unfortunately I had to leave town two days later.
  57. But when I got back we told his family we were dating.
  58. And that is how I met my other half.