To understand this list fully please read/review this list: The Story of How We Got a Pet Owl
  1. Visited the Zoo the other day...
  2. We inquired after the Owl.
  3. They told us the people who were taking care of Radigast were in a meeting.
  4. So we left our name and number so they could call us with an update.
  5. When they finally called we were informed that Radigast had not responded well to treatment. He was very badly injured.
  6. And they had to euthanize him.
  7. And my heart broke.
  8. That silly owl, that grumpy owl, that owl that stole my heart.
  9. He was only with us for less than a day.
  10. And yet he we named him. And fell in love with him.
  11. And hearing he was gone was so hard.
  12. I cried.
  13. I'm crying as I write this list
  14. Why does it hurt so much?
  15. Static