And it seems to freak a lot of people out and I'm getting really tired of it.... Here I quote what people have said about me proposing to my fiancé... (Side note: there have been a lot of people who have been super happy and supportive, though! @KateandDogs )
  1. "That's the gayest heterosexual thing I've ever heard."
    What does this even mean?
  2. "Did she think he just wasn't going to get around to it?"
    Uhhhhh. This irks me. Quite a bit. I mean there's this odd rule that if a man wants to get married he just goes out there and does it. He proposes and everything. But if a girl want to get married.... tough luck, honey. You're gonna have to wait for him... And then people think you're coming across as desperate because YOU proposed to HIM. So now I'm suddenly IMPATIENT and DESPERATE?
  3. "Well that's nice too."
    As in... You're cute, and the story is cute, and you're young and stupid. Phrasing and tone could kill me.
  4. "Oh..."
    This was the disappointed sound from my mother. This one I simply let go. She doesn't approve of anything I do with Chris. Being with him. Living with him. Proposing to him. Marrying him. So it's not all that surprising.
  5. "Okay?"
    From my sister. This was more surprising. She didn't show joy or congratulate us or anything.