The odd reactions we get after saying this is actually quite fun and hilarious. Here are some people who DEFINITELY support and love us! @KateandDogs
  1. "I'm so freaking proud of you for proposing to him."
    -my amazing friend Miranda. Thanks, babes. I love you!
  2. "That is the best story!"
    -Liseth. Girl, you make me feel special. ❤️
  3. "I LOVE that you proposed. This is a great story."
    -Kelsey. Thanks fellowed engaged friend. ☺️
  4. "A + story."
  5. "I should have proposed to my husband."
  6. "Well I'm glad it runs in the family."
    My aunt Cindy who also proposed to her husband. 😆
  7. "You did whaaaaaaat?! Okay that's just awesome."
    -Best friend Jessica.
  8. "So you proposed so is he going to plan the wedding?" (Followed by laughing at herself.)
    -my cousin Morgan. It was meant in jest and I love her for it.