I've Got That Itch Again

The travel itch.
  1. I just want to travel.
  2. I love love looooove to travel.
  3. I have been all over the U.S.
  4. And part of Canada.
  5. And parts of Mexico.
  6. And to Europe and Great Britain.
  7. My husband and I just got back from California recently.
  8. And that's when the itch started up again.
  9. I mean it never really went away but it got about ten thousand times worse.
  10. And now my savings account has been renamed to "Travels Savings".
  11. I got gift cards to Amazon and Barnes and Noble for my birthday so I've bought books like:
  12. And now I'm researching backpacks.
  13. And hotels and hostels.
  14. And pricing.
  15. And trying to cut back on all kinds of spending.
  16. So one day... Hopefully soon... Chris and I can go on a small backpacking trip in Europe.
  17. I want to see Italy. I want to tour the Pantheon and Colosseum.
  18. I want to walk the streets of Prague.
  19. I want to admire the Acropolis.
  20. I want to see Auschwitz.
  21. I want to experience Amsterdam.
  22. I want to ooo and aww over the tulips in Holland.
  23. I just want to see the world. Experience it.
  24. Some day I hope to go to Asia.
  25. And Africa.
  26. And South America.
  27. I have that itch again.