To @KateandDogs one of my best friends in the whole world. I hope I can make you smile, Sister. I love you. :)
  1. My whole life I was told I was a negative person.
  2. My brother once told me I had never had a happy thought in my life.
  3. That I was a downer about everything.
  4. But honestly I have never been super pessimistic.
  5. I don't know why he viewed me this way.
  6. I love to smile.
  7. And I love making people smile.
  8. I may be introverted.
  9. I may find hugging people awkward and uncomfortable.
    (Unless they're family or someone I'm very close to.)
  10. I may have days where I prefer the company of my books to that of people.
  11. But that does not make me a dark person.
  12. Or an unhappy person.
  13. Or a negative person.
  14. I'm happy. And I want to make people happy.
  15. I'm not a natural people pleaser. That's not who I am.
  16. I don't do random acts of kindness to please someone.
  17. I do it because I want them to be happy.
  18. Being pleased and happy are not the same thing.
  19. I want them to smile.
  20. I want my actions and my smile and my happy-self to be so intoxicating people cannot help but smile.
    Even just a little bit.
  21. If there is something I can do that will make you smile you need only ask.
  22. I love you, Kate.
  23. I want you to smile.
  24. I hope I can make you smile.
  25. I'm so lucky to have you in my life.
  26. And to be able to call you sister, for the rest of my life.