I proposed to my fiancé with a ring then I got my own engagement ring. Written for @srush
  1. When I proposed to Christopher I had a coworker make a ring for him.
  2. I used the museums 3D printer because how cool is that? Plus it means something to the two of us because the museum is where we met... and started to fall in love.
  3. The color of the ring is yellow because I decided yellow plastic was close to gold... Right?
  4. Anyway I gave him the ring on December 22nd.
  5. A few days later @KateandDogs (his sister) mentioned that she thought Chris would get me a ring at some point.
  6. Well... She wasn't wrong. He decided to MAKE me a ring.
    Just so we're all clear this is a PIPE CLEANER and a BEAD. Silly man!!! But he made this at the museum as well... So... there's... that........
  7. Now I'm a fairly easy going person...
    Sometimes. I mean I like things to be clean and organized and I'm insane when it comes to grocery shopping, but another list for another time.
  8. But I was PSYCHO about my ring.
    Simple, thin white gold band, with a solitaire, brilliant cut diamond, no bigger than 0.75 carats, no smaller than 0.5 carats. No filigree. No side diamonds. Simple. Elegant. Classy. Small. And sparkly. AND ABSOLUTELY NO PRINCESS CUTS. (Don't get me wrong I like them, but my last engagement ring was a princess cut.)
  9. I actually trust that Chris would have bought me the perfect ring. He knew what I liked. He even knew the quality and color of diamond I prefer.
  10. However that being said we actually agreed to get my ring together.
  11. Which was perfectly fine to me. It in no way killed the romance. And I got to try on a bunch of rings.
  12. But December 27th rolls around the day we had to decided to go get my ring....
  13. But before I go into that you should know:
  14. 1) We live in a small city. Not a whole lot of options when it comes to jewelry stores.
  15. 2) The big city near us is an hour away.
  16. 3) I knew exactly which jewelry store I wanted to go to in the city.
  17. And we're back in.
  18. It's December 27th aaaaand snowing like crazy.
  19. But because I'm INSANE I ask if he would mind battling the storm? If it got bad we could head back home.
  20. And because he LOVES me, despite or maybe because of my insanity, he agrees.
  21. Unfortunately the going is slow at first.
  22. Fortunately as soon it lightens up and the roads we're on are dry.
  23. So we make it to the jewelry store and it may be the easiest sale that saleswoman has ever made.
  24. I knew EXACTLY what I wanted. And if you can give me a half carat diamond with 145 facets on it that sparkles in ways I can't describe, I am a happy, happy woman.
  25. So after only 25 minutes (this is after trying on multiple rings and explaining that I absolutely refuse to even try on any princess cut, then going to the back room to discuss the ring, then paying for it)... We walked out with this beauty:
  26. Absolutely lovely....
  27. Seriously guys it's so sparkly. I have trouble getting the camera to focus on it correctly. And the pictures do not do it justice.
  28. I love it. And I love my fiancé!!!!!!
  29. Afterward we headed straight to his parents house where Chris' Father told us that it looked a lot like his Mother's engagement ring. Later his Grandpa said the same thing about his Grandma's ring.
    I guess this family has a type. 😆
  30. Anyway I hope you enjoyed my simple tale of jewelry.
  31. Xoxoxo