On Rory Gilmore's Boyfriends, specifically Jess Mariano.

More Gilmore Girl Lists to Come!
  1. I'm kind of astounded how many people are into the idea of Jess being "the one" for Rory.
  2. Jess sort of improved a long time AFTER Rory and Jess "broke up".
    And by "broke up" I mean Jess ran away without saying anything to Rory. Good goin', Jess!
  3. But I do not get the fascination with him.
  4. He was the definition of "the worst".
  5. He was so snotty. ALL OF THE TIME.
  6. He was a jerk to EVERYONE, except Rory.
  7. And then after they started dating he was a jerk to her too.
  8. Stop Jess, you are the biggest punk and you're the one who decided to screw up your life!
  9. I just want to: