The exception is always having @KateandDogs over and watching Harry Potter.
  1. I start losing it very quickly.
  2. I clean.
  3. I re-clean.
  4. And I clean some more.
  5. I start to stress out.
  6. And the Fiancé comes over regularly to kiss me to calm me down.
    Okay that part isn't so bad.
  7. I pace.
  8. I become jittery.
  9. I noticed every single piece of dust.
  10. I wipe the counters down every five minutes till the guests arrive.
  11. My hands become raw from the cleaning solutions.
    I clean a lot but it becomes a sickness when guests come over.
  12. I constantly wonder if I have everything I need.
  13. I wonder if it will be awkward.
  14. I wonder if I have enough food.
  15. And drinks.
  16. I panic a whole lot.
  17. My Other Half remains calm and helps if I ask.
  18. But I never ask cuz I'm super particular about how everything is done.
  19. I have issues.
  20. Also I don't particularly like socializing.
  21. So then the socializing starts to stress me out.
  23. I just want to be in bed, reading a book, drinking camomile tea.
  24. Oh my gosh what have I done?!?
  25. 😩