Inspired by @KateandDogs I realized that most of my screenshots are of conversations or recipes.
  1. Someone in my life... He later explained he new pretty early on but didn't want to have to bother stripping down and redressing.
  2. Me texting a list to my fiancé when he was running to the grocery store... But I would like to note that this was before the engagement. So we can check "diamond ring" off my list.
  3. Me proving to my family in our group text (hey the five of us we live in four different states so we keep up an ongoing conversation in a group text) the definition of Voldemort. I believe someone thought it meant "fleeing from death".
  4. I was in Chicago with my brother. It was super duper cold. They had just had this big snow storm. And my fiancé was at home in Kansas.
  5. For some reason this tumblr post. ALWAYS cracks me up.