1. I've been sick for awhile now.
  2. And because my body is a mystery no one can exactly figure out why I've been feeling poorly.
  3. Well on December 21st I had a procedure.
    A very unpleasant procedure for me. But one they said was supposed to be "routine". 😒
  4. They found nothing.
  5. Instead my body decided to have a strong reaction to the procedure and I start having intense spasms.
  6. Now I was supposed to leave on December 23rd for Chicago to spend Christmas with my family.
  7. But the pain and sickness was too much for me to handle.
  8. Let alone get on a train for 13 hours.
  9. So I have to tell my family that I'm staying in Kansas and won't be with them for Christmas.
  10. Naturally I cry...
  11. Curled up with my fiancé and bawling because I've never spent a Christmas apart from my family.
  12. It was bound to happen.
  13. I just didn't realize how much it would hurt.
  14. I'm sick AND can't be with my family?!
  15. Buuuuut...
  16. I got to spend Christmas with my fiancé and his family.
  17. And THAT was amazing.
  18. And now that it's happened I wouldn't change any of it.