This is the tale of Radigast the Rescued Owl. No he's not actually our pet. But Christopher and I can't have pets, and this is the closest we've ever gotten so that's how I'm always going to talk about Radigast. He was our pet. For about 14 hours.
  1. Last week Christopher (fiancé), and Tim (Soon-to-be-Father-in-Law) were headed down to the family pasture.
    It's a piece of land with two cabins, trees, a river running through it... Oh and it's the site of one of our receptions next month.
  2. As they were driving Christopher noticed something on the barbed wire fence that leads up to The Pasture's gate.
  3. When Christopher and Tim pulled over this is what they saw:
  4. They immediately got to work trying to figure out how to get this Great Horned Owl off the fence.
    And not die by his powerful talons.
  5. They went to The Pasture cabins and shed and gathered supplies of tools, gardening gloves, oven mitts, a tub to put him in, etc.
  6. While they were away the poor dear must have been rather scared and trying to get away because he flipped himself over to the other side of the fence.
    And yes, Tim did decide to take a picture of this.
  7. Finally after some time they finally freed the poor fellow.
    This is the owl glaring at Tim's small dog, Liza. Presumably because Liza is the size of the prey it normally hunts.
  8. Shortly after the rescue I get a text from Christopher:
    The reason he stayed with us instead of Chris's parents' or his sister's is because we have no pets. It's best for rescued owls to be in calm and quiet environments before being taken to rehabilitation. We provided that. HAPPILY. Also I did all this research on rescued owls and Great Horned Owls. Learned so much. It was fun.
  10. Soon-to-be-Mama- in-Law Laurie brought over a dog carrier for us to keep him in for the night.
  11. And I read about how they like things to be quiet, dark, and warm... And how you should not feed them or give them water.
  12. Finally Tim and Chris arrived.
  13. Static
    Chris and I settled on the name Radigast from The Lord of the Rings.
  14. Static
    He spent a lot of time glaring at the world he had a very cat like personality. And an extremely expressive face.
  15. Static
    And he kept glaring at Liza. Because FOOD. We figured with how incredibly non aggressive he was being he must have been exhausted, and had probably spent the majority of the day on that fence. And was hungry. And Liza sure did look delicious.
  16. The next morning he was unhappy when we took the blanket off the dog carrier to check on him. He hissed at Christopher. But other than that made no noise.
    Very crabby morning person.
  17. So we took him to the zoo (the only place to take rescued birds of prey in town) when they opened at 10.
  18. And we said our farewells.
  19. To our pet of 14 hours.
  20. But he sure was beautiful.