1. She's an amazing listener.
    I want to be a good listener like her! She's very patient. Even while I'm rambling.
  2. She's super understanding.
    Kate understands struggles and hardships better than almost anyone I've ever met.
  3. She has solid advice.
    If you ask Kate a serious life question she will have a serious, and usually very helpful answer for you.
  4. She can keep a secret.
    If I confide in her I can absolutely trust her to not tell anyone.
  5. She never judges.
    I can tell her something about myself that most people would judge me for and there is no judgement in her voice or expression when she talks to me about it. Being able to be myself around someone without judgement is wonderful!
  6. She has a contagious laugh.
    When Kate laughs she laughs with her whole body. Her whole being. It's one of the best laughs! When Kate laughs you know it's because she finds something genuinely wonderful or funny.
  7. She's super creative.
    I'm so glad I can go to Kate with random ideas for the wedding. Or for life in general. So has amazing ideas for things that wouldn't occur to me.
  8. She dresses cute!
    If you know me you know I like cute clothes and Kate does too! One of the many things we have in common.
  9. She is making it impossible to end this list.
    I started writing this list and now I realize I could go on for quite sometime! Kate is an amazing woman! Love you, sister!