My first list request! @taner_banana I've traveled in the United States quite a bit but there is a lot more I would like to see!
  1. Anchorage, Alaska
    Call me crazy but I've always wanted to go to Alaska. Was even planning a trip there but it turned out that it was going to cost way too much money. Also I'm fascinated with there extremely short days in the winter and extremely long days in the summer. I would like to visit during both times of the year.
  2. Vermont
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    Just the state of Vermont. I have never been and I hear it is gorgeous. Also it might be on my mind because I watched "White Christmas" and there's that line about all the snow in Vermont.
  3. Charleston, South Carolina
    Because there is so much history and I am a great lover of history.
  4. Japanese Internment Camps
    Okay I realize this is a really weird, and maybe morbid one. But hear me out... I went to concentration camps in Germany and they were AWFUL and part of me wonders if the Americans were just as awful with the Japanese in the internment camps here in the United States. My natural curiosity and a need for answers makes me want to visit one someday. Also I would like to note this one isn't exactly a vacation. It would have to be apart of another vacation... Maybe to Colorado.
  5. Chicago, Illinois
    Okay so my brother actually lives in Chicago, and I've been there 8 or 9 times but that city has so much to see! Museums, and an amazing shopping district, and incredible restaurants. I just want to continue exploring there!