Inspired by @Evie and her list on questions she gets because she's a dancer. Please read it here: THINGS I ALWAYS HEAR AFTER I TELL PEOPLE I'M A DANCER.
  1. You studied history? What year _(fill in blank on some historical event)_?
    Okay despite the fact that I studied history this does NOT mean I know everything. There is thousands of years of human history and thousands of places history was occurring. I can't possibly know it all. I'd apologize but it's not my fault.
  2. Suddenly being treated like Google.
    I've had friends who live hundreds of miles away from me ask me a question about things, that aren't always history related, even though they can easily Google the information. Don't get me wrong it's flattering to know they think I'm so smart to have as much knowledge as Google in my head, but my response time is muuuuch slower.
  3. Asking who my favorite president is and why.
    SERIOUSLY... I even get this from fellow historians. Ummmm. I can't do that. 1)Cuz I specifically studied the presidents in school and there are good and bad things about all of them. 2) If I give you a name you hate we will fight. And 3) if I bash a name you love we will fight. So just no.
  4. Being asked what you can do with history? Are you going to teach?
    No. I hate teaching. Ew. But there are hundreds of jobs for historians out there. Not just teaching. Research jobs. Travel jobs. Museum jobs. Come on guys.
  5. Aaaanywayyyy....
    Thank you @Evie for your funny and Inspiring lists!