I've been nicknamed "Sling Thing" at work.
  1. Okay so a rant is about to happen.
  2. I tore my rotator cuff almost two weeks ago.
    At least that's what the doctors believe because of where my pain is at and some other symptoms that go with torn rotator cuffs.
  3. I was at work when it occurred.
    I was stopping a simulator that spins so the rider can feel G forces. With adults riding it it was MUCH heavier than I anticipated and well... I grabbed the ride at the same point I always do however the ride kept moving, my arm and shoulder went with it, and my body stood still. It was awful.
  4. Because of this I'm on workers compensation.
  5. This has made me the talk of the museum.
  6. I find the fact that everyone is talking about it and telling me what to do and what not to do extremely aggravating.
  7. First of all only the people I work under should be able to make those calls.
  8. And secondly they should be making the calls based off my doctors instructions.
  9. Anyway today is started to get to me when I realized that most of the time I'm talking to a coworker there eyes are on my arm and sling.
  10. HELLOOOOO!!!!!
  12. Instant focus on my arm followed by inquiries into how I'm feeling (which I'm glad they are concerned), followed by questioning of what I have found out so far.
  13. This usually leads to unwarranted advice on how I should care for my arm.
  14. And sometimes is followed by workers comp horror stories.
  15. But when your arm is in a sling. Or your leg is in a cast. Or whatever major injury is immediately noticeable... Just be aware THAT will be the number one topic of conversation until you are better.
  16. That's just the way it is.
  17. I'm okay being asked how I'm feeling.
  18. But I still have a brain and like to talk about other things as well.
  19. Okay. Rant over.