I had a post on workplace bullying months ago. Here's the link: Work Place Bullying. What People Don't Talk About. I hope here and now it all comes to an end.
  1. So the atmosphere in the education department at the museum never changed. The head of the department continued to rule in tyranny.
  2. My fiancé wanted the Museum Board of Directors to become aware of the situation.
  3. He asked a customer if he would be willing to contact the Board to discuss his experiences he's had with the head of education.
  4. Well that backfired as the customer immediately turned around and told the museum. I'm not sure who he contacted...
  5. But Chris was immediately terminated. Followed by my immediate resignation.
  6. I can't stand to work for a place that has been informed repeatedly that they have an abusive manager and not only do nothing about it but actually blamed the staff that works for her.
  7. I was told she was the future of the museum.
  8. If that future is failure. Have at it.
  9. But I refuse to work for an administration that allows a tyrant to run the show in their best department.
  10. And let's go one of their best and most brilliant employees who has gone above and beyond to make the education there worth something.
  11. I hate this.