it's embarrassing that there are enough purchases to warrant a list 😕
  1. Wicked Cupcakes
    Had these delivered to my nieces and got a "thanks". Not sure what to make of that.
  2. Piper Wai
    This natural deodorant worked as I suppose it should. It would be way better if they could make a stick out of it instead of putting it in a jar.
  3. Happy Feet
    Bought these for a niece, and they were a huge hit!! My other nieces were jealous and wanted a pair!
  4. Groove Book
    This was a great concept, and maybe it worked well on the iphone. As an android user, I had nothing but problems. App crashed a lot, it was impossible to upload photos and when the book came there were tons of duplicate photos. I presume they've fixed that stuff by now.
  5. eCreamery personalized ice cream pints
    Best gift I have ever given! It's a big time crowd pleaser