They all have a little something that I find attractive.....
  1. Niles Crane-Frazier: I love that he's so fussy and refined. Any relationship wouldn't last long but it would be fun to go out a few times.
  2. Dan Conner-Roseanne: He's such a down-to-earth type, good father and provider. And his sense of humor? 👌
  3. Jim Halpert-The Office: he's funny, gorgeous and not afraid to show how he feels. Who wouldn't that?
  4. Tony Soprano-The Sopranos: I know he's a criminal and misogyny personified. But damn, if he isn't sexy with all the power and confidences.
  5. Pacey Witter-Dawson's Creek: he has long been the standard to which I judge all other fictional romantic interests. He's the closest to perfection imo. 💯
  6. Chandler Bing-Friends: what's not to love? Second only to Pacey Witter