While others may understand, love and/or use these things, they are not for me. At all
  1. Wildly colored hair
    Pink. Purple. Pink/purple. Galaxy hair. Any variation thereof. I think it looks "okay" on people IRL and amazing on Pinterest but it's nothing I could see myself wearing.
  2. Luke Bryan
    He might look alright but all his songs sound the same and his lyrics are crap. He's one of the main reasons I don't enjoy current country music.
  3. Twitter
    I just seriously don't understand it. It confuses the heck out of me.
  4. 99% of Reality competition shows
    Dating. Dancing. Traveling. Modeling. Singing. I don't want to watch you do any of it. Exception: cooking. I'll totes watch that.
  5. Vampire movies (I'm looking at you Twilight)
    Yeah I've watched them. But did I enjoy them? No! Was it only at the instance of my then best friend?yes! Did the friendship survive? Barely.