I majored in English-Creative Writing with a minor in Digital Studies. I currently work at a thriving quilt shop in a dying town.
  1. Jay Walking
    There are no crosswalks here, so I have to cross some busy roads similar to how I did in college while trying to make it to class on time.
  2. Drunk People
    Sometimes your boss drinks on the job to celebrate finishing a PowerPoint or making a sale. All those weird interactions with drunk people that I had while sober has helped me deal with her wine glass wielding nonsense.
  3. Meltdowns
    No crazy or emotionally distraught prof compares to my boss, but all that I endured in classes has helped me nonetheless.
  4. Negative Capability
    One of my prof's was big on Keats' Negative Capability, which is all about being okay with uncertainty and the inability to know everything accepting that I don't know much definitely helps with navigating these first few months.