All in the name of weirdness
  1. "Nude model on a break"
    This was me dressed in a floor length bathrobe completely covered from neck to ankles. Never had so many boys want to find out what I was wearing underneath.
  2. Pirate Sail
    As in ship. This was a white sheet with a black skull and cross bones pinned on the front. Went out as an adult. With my mom. To a party.
  3. Man
    Wore androgynous suit. Almost got knocked out by my high school friend's boyfriend for hitting on her. He must have been drunk
  4. Steampunk Woman
    It was a comic con.
  5. Gypsy
    Five year old dressed in my mom's rags with bracelets pinned to my bandana. She was amazingly creative.
  6. Canadian Figure Skating Silver Medalist
    Had the short skating dress. Pretend flowers... It was funny