Love me some botanical liquors.
  1. Fords
    Botanicals include juniper (of course) coriander, lemon, grapefruit, bitter orange, Angelica, cassia, jasmine, orris
  2. Dillon's No. 22 Unfiltered-alright would do it again
    22 botanicals and cloudy maybe.. But the Junipero was better
  3. Beefeater 24-a favorite because I tried it in Madrid 6 years ago and they bought it by chance
    Premium gin with green tea and matcha notes IN MA MOUTH
  4. Uncle Val's- Botanicals. This shit is bananas!!!!
    Notes of cucumber, coriander, rose petal, lavender, lemon, sage in addition to juniper
  5. 33 Portland - tried it already, loved it
    Juniper forward, but still can get citrus, mineral and maybe other natural notes
  6. Jensen's Bermondsey Dry
    Pulling back on the juniper. Citrus and spice notes
  7. Plymouth-didn't try it still will
    Traditional gin. Sweet orange, cardamom, orris, lemon, coriander, Angelica with juniper
  8. Victoria Gin (Canadian from Vancouver Island) EPIC DO IT DO IT NOW DO NOT PASS GO
    Ten botanicals. Juniper plus the 5 biggies (orange, lemon, coriander, orris, Angelica) Star anise, cinnamon bark, rose petals and a secret guess the ingredient
  9. Junipero. So lovely
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  10. Fernando's Green bottle (badass) so good but pepper pepper pepper
  11. Maybe I'll try the one with olives
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  12. Marconi--- I'm skeptical but Nate knows his shit