These are the things that keep me sane
  1. Texting my bestie who is Internet-phobic. I refer to him as Snowden, but his real name shall not be shared
    He would die if he knew I even referenced him. One of my colleagues calls him sexy, the other calls him Cyril Figgis
  2. Prince songs from 1979-2015. I have hundreds on my phone. Most people can name between 4-6 of them
    Cyril can only name 4....
  3. Numbers
  4. Embroidery
  5. Listapp
  6. Dirty pictures on Instagram
    By this I mean inappropriate as opposed to three white horses fell in the mud.
  7. Justin Timberlake's Future Sex Love Sound
  8. Peonies
  9. Anything by Tina Fey
  10. Anything by Eugene Mirman
  11. Anything by Nick Kroll
  12. Hydrangeas large bouquets that will die.
  13. A really well told funny story
  14. A willing snuggle from a certain little girl who rations her snuggles
  15. FaceTime with my sister in Boston
  16. Archer
    Lady boners abound for Aisha Tyler
  17. Anything by John Mulaney
  18. A really fantastic dirty hussy story. I love dirty hussy stories. Both sexes
  19. Homeland
  20. Red Wine
  21. Hotel sheets
  22. A massage from Jamie at the Hyatt Spa
  23. Grilled Cheese Sandwiches