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  1. Moonlighting
    I just want this to be every show on television! The capers! The sexual tension! The classic snark! I need it!
  2. Moonlighting
    Seriously, why can I not see this show??
  3. Dukes of Hazzard
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  1. Queen
  2. R.E.M. Automatic for the People
  3. Violent Femmes, Add it Up
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All of these were so unexpectedly lovely.
  1. Seven Brief Lessons on Physics, by Carlo Rovelli.
    Seemed too basic.
  2. Play it as it Lays, by Joan Didion.
    Because, I don't know, California?
  3. Scoop, by Evelyn Waugh.
    Because Evelyn Waugh seemed like a douche.
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I'm a librarian at a small college.
  1. I can rent these books?
    Also, like, shouldn't "rent" be phased out as a word by now for millenials as it pertains to products, or are they just using it snarkily in regards to how dated they view the library generally?
  2. You mean CTRL+C will copy and CTRL+V will paste?
  3. Wait, so renting these books is totally free?
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