I had played on the Minnesota tennis team for three and a half years. I loved it, I hated it. But I miss it now. Here's why:
  1. No Christmas in September
    One of the greatest things when you come to campus after a wild summer and get all the new sweats and shirts. Are we in heaven?
  2. No free dinners
    Where are the mandatory team dinners with coaches?
  3. No team
    The closest people you have, you've been with then for so long, they know everything and now they are gone. You're on your own..How does this happen?!
  4. No competition
    You are used to working hard, all you know is how to win. But you don't play competitively anymore. You now think about competing against your roommate in a game called "Who can watch more episodes on Netflix?"
  5. No free massage
    Soreness after a long weekend? No problem, call your athletic trainer and all is set. Wait. Never mind, you can't anymore.
  6. No cool sporting awards
    Always a resume booster, you feel so powerful with these awards. But I don't think they give out awards for not doing the dishes, do they?
  7. No excuses for missing classes
    Where are my travel letters now?!
  8. No structure
    Practice, food, school, food, practice, homework, food, sleep. That's how it worked. Now? Food, food, sleep, maybe homework, Netflix, sleep...