These keyboard shortcuts will make you more efficient. Try them out! Add your favorites in the comments below.
  1. Ctrl+C
    Copies the current selection
  2. Ctrl+X
    Cuts the current selection
  3. Ctrl+V
    Pastes the previously cut or copied selection
  4. Ctrl+T
    Opens a new tab in your web browser
  5. Ctrl+W
    Closes the current tab only
  6. Alt+F4
    Terminates the current window or program. Use with care!
  7. Alt+Tab
    Switches to the most recent window you were viewing. (Bonus tip! Hold Alt and press Tab repeatedly to toggle through all of your most recently viewed programs)
  8. Windows+Tab
    A better visual version of Alt+Tab from above.
  9. Windows+D
    Pressing the Windows key and toggling the letter D will minimize all of your windows to the desktop. Pressing again will restore them.
  10. Windows+L
    Locks your computer with the password assigned to the account (if applicable). This is to keep those annoying coworkers from planking you.
  11. Ctrl+N
    Opens a new program of your current program. For example, in Word you will get a brand new document. In PowerPoint you will get a new, blank presentation. In Chrome, you will get a new window to surf the web with.
  12. Crrl+P
    Opens the print dialog box. Usually allows you to adjust the image you are printing.