I'm a graphic designer. Normally I'm very pleasant to work with, but occasionally I put my foot down.
  1. "This, the attached, is the best I can do under these constraints. Frankly, it looks like a terrible mess, and we should do whatever we can to avoid it."
  2. "I just changed the font on the whole thing because I decided I hated it."
  3. "If it looks bad, you look bad, and we look bad."
  4. "As you can imagine, I have several other projects, each with their own deadlines."
  5. "I think it's best to say that if we earnestly, as a team, go two full rounds with you and you see not even a seed of an idea that connects with you in any way, we're not the team for you."
  6. "I'm worried that if I'm getting on your nerves now, you won't very much like working with me in the future."