I make notes in the notes app and then I forget what the point of them was, or what I was trying to remind myself of.
  1. I know more about this than you know about anything
  2. Flat black uggs
  3. "Your world is so small" "And yet I'm closed out of it"
  4. He had a third testicle for a month
  5. The nations worst cities battling it out
  6. "Are you looking at self help books?" "Philosophy." "Same thing."
  7. Too much fun too fast
  8. The thing about scotch is the harder it is to pronounce the better it is
  9. Between the two of them, you could spend a really long time looking for a restaurant
  10. We are lonely sinners in a perfect world
  11. Madder than a wet hen
  12. What are they like? Drunk. All of them.
  13. Fellini
  14. I don't really have fits of rage. I have sustained six hour blocks of rage.