1. Being able to find my "feel pretty" clothes
  2. A deep cleaned house
  3. Not smelling cat pee
  4. Intimacy on a regular basis
  5. Date nights
  6. Financial freedom
  7. Bike rides
  8. Stupidly making up songs like I was being watched on TV
  9. Finding things (shapes/animals) in the clouds
  10. Staying home in the mornings with my daughter, watching PBS (Dragon Tales, Curious George, Clifford the Big Red Dog) before I had to go to work
  11. Liking myself
  12. Not feeling worthless
  13. Random gifts that don't always require money
  14. Feeling appreciated by someone other than my wife and my deployers
  15. Most of all the one thing I don't miss. My rock. My love. My wife. My Amanda!