Requested by @maya
Work for it, enjoy it more.
  1. Sunflower Seeds
    The term Snacktivity came to me by way of David sunflower seeds- the packaging provides a beginner's lesson in shelling the seeds. Ad wizards. They also came up with the David slogan "Eat. Spit. Be Happy!"
  2. Crawfish
    Had my first crawfish out of a brown paper bag at a costume party in New Orleans, fell in love. If you're there in season, get yours from Capt Sals. Cheap, messy, spicy, blissful. Also, Lobster. Really any crustacean can be a snacktivity.
  3. S'mores
    I was gonna say half the fun is roasting the marshmallow but we all know that's just not true.
  4. Peanuts
    Two by two out of the shell, shell to the ground. Goes well with baseball and/or beer. Really, any shelled nut can make a great snacktivity.
  5. Pomegranates
    Pick em, don't shake em