This is a Summer list that's been gathering dust in my Drafts...
  1. "No but I've researched specialty grocery stores"
  2. "Oh my god I wrecked that kid so bad"
    Teenage boy
  3. "What's with these fuckin girls makin me run and shit, like bitch, my feet hurt"
    Stoned teenage girl
  4. "Just keep quiet, mind your damn business, don't say nothin"
  5. "That's why I hate Google. Cuz everyone runs to google. Put that shit down."
  6. "It's cuz he's a doofus, y'know? He's like a goofus."
  7. "No it's your mother. I know your mother. She's gonna go and marry somebody else now and take my money."
  8. "Okay I know it feels that way, but I feel like it's NOT that way"