I was there Friday, only just recovered.
  1. So many CamelBaks
    #2 accessory behind headband
  2. "Here are your wings" -Red Bull-sponsored bartender
    She was not required to say that.
  3. Sir Paul McCartney
    2 days after his 73rd birthday, he opened the show with "Birthday." I took like 20 minutes of video.
  4. An ant crawling into my guitar
    A first for me
  5. Run the Jewels, with Killer Mike's arm in a sling
  6. A lot of tour buddies from the last few years
  7. AWOLNATION's tour manager trying to tackle me off of a mini motorcycle
    My buddy Kenny let me ride his new tour toy, but this dude thought I had straight stolen it, chased me around the artist area for a good minute before I noticed anything and Kenny waved him off.
  8. "Hold fucking hands like you're in kindergarten!"
    Some production guy to his crew, as he put them into groups
  9. "Charge into battle! Charge into battle!"
    Same guy, 10 seconds later as McCartney finished his set.
  10. Fireworks
    "Hey Jude"