Requested by @maya
I've been touring on and off for 7 years. Here are a few things I've picked up so you don't have to.
  1. People are generally kind and generous
  2. Time passes at a different pace when you're on the road
    That's just science.
  3. Habits are easy to form and very hard to break, especially in a group
  4. I can get used to anything: a sub list
    Wendy's, the odors of others, music I thought I couldn't stand, people I wouldn't tolerate at home, no privacy, getting asked the same questions every day, having my picture taken, reading in the van, sleeping in the van, not sleeping anywhere, not knowing where I am, public toilets, living the dream
  5. Expensive hotels make you pay extra for wifi & breakfast, cheap hotels provide them free
  6. The local opener sucks
    I make a point to watch every band we play with for at least 1 song. A thousand shows later, there hasn't been a single local band that I've liked. Sad, but true. Ima keep at it out of respect. We've all been there. I'm sure my band sucked too.
  7. Whatever is happening in New York doesn't mean shit to everyone else
  8. We live in a large, beautiful, complex country with proud local cultures and subtle regional snack variations
  9. There's always tomorrow