This is a thing for me. I've gotten better about it, but it may be something I struggle with forever.
  1. The Subway
    Not all that unusual. But recently I did wake up patting a stranger's back on the J train. He didn't mind, but it freaked me out.
  2. The bar
    Like, all the bars.
  3. In the middle of the dance floor on a roof in downtown Austin, while standing
    SXSW 2008
  4. The stairs leading up to my 2nd fl apt
    Almost made it!
  5. The couch that lives by the elevator on every floor of a hotel
    Almost made it!
  6. Sitting on the stage at Rock and Roll Hotel in DC during another band's set
    The sleepiness had nothing to do with them, but I hope they didn't notice, but they definitely did.
  7. Private cello lesson
    This was before alcohol was a factor, and I remember it being very awkward.
  8. A Pixies show at Hammerstein Ballroom
    And I love The Pixies!
  9. That section of 2001: A Space Odyssey when Dave leaves the ship in a pod near Jupiter and the monolith does its thing
    And I love that movie! But the part with the freeze-frame close-ups and all the colored light, beautiful as it is, knocks me out every damn time.
  10. Not during sex or anything (yet), but still I think that counts as unusual
  11. $1 blackjack table, first time in Las Vegas