1. I, Sensei
    He’s not their boss; he’s their teacher. And a robot.
  2. Hell on Earth
    Hell used to be in hell. Now it’s on earth.
  3. Ride Segway
    Welcome to the new world of street racing, where dreams are dashed and kings are crowned, all at 12.5 miles per hour.
  4. Bangkok Dangerous: Full Frontal
    This time, it doesn’t just sound like a porn.
  5. Check the Basement
    A 10-year-old murder case. A cop seeking redemption. An obvious clue everyone apparently overlooked until just now.
  6. Ra-lly
    The ancient Egyptian sun god Ra is back, and he’s playing center-field.
  7. The Excavation
    Archaeologist Sam Romulus knows Rome wasn’t built in a day—at least not by us.
  8. Dream Sequence
    Nothing is what it seems. Except when it is. Like now. Maybe.
  9. Really Fucking Fast, Really Fucking Furious
    This fourth of July, the space shuttle Atlantis is coming out of retirement.
  10. Fort Moon
    Here comes the cavalry.