Days of the Week if They Were Played by Characters From the Office

Because why not? (inspired by a list from @jpbateson)
  1. Dwight Shrute: Monday
    Has lots for you to do. Reminds you how much you hate it every chance it gets.
  2. Stanley Hudson: Tuesday
  3. Ryan Howard: Wednesday
    Acts like your friend with the whole "Hey, the week is half over!" thing. Actually hates your guts.
  4. Pam Beesly: Thursday
    Quietly the coolest one here.
  5. With Creed Bratton as Friday
    Tells you how crazy this weekend is going to be.
  6. And Michael Scott as Saturday
    Never goes quite like Friday expects.
  7. Special Appearance by Kelly Kapoor as Sunday
    Fun, flirty day off, but always wants you to like it as much as it likes you.