Hours of the (Traditional) Work Day If They Were Played by Gossip Girl Characters

Full disclosure: I stopped watching several seasons before (spoiler alert) Dan revealed he was Gossip Girl. But somehow, I don't think that matters.
  1. Jenny Humphrey: 8:00–9:00
    The worst.
  2. Serena van der Woodsen: 9:00–10:00
    No, wait. Yup, this is definitely worse.
  3. Rufus Humphrey: 10:00–11:00
    Hey, look: The resident, self-proclaimed "creative" has an idea! Let's all pretend to listen!
  4. Blair Waldorf: 11:00–12:00
    I like you, but I'm not exactly sure why.
  5. Chuck Bass: Lunch Hour
    The best part of the day. Except when it sucks.
  6. Nate Archibald: 1:00–2:00
    As riveting as the onset of a food coma.
  7. This Guy: 2:00–3:00
    Boss stopped by, but I either missed him or just don't remember. Seems about right.
  8. Vanessa Abrams: 3:00–4:00
  9. Dan Humphrey: 4:00–5:00
    Whoa whoa whoa … you're dropping this bombshell on me now? When I'm literally trying to walk out the door?