1. Despite working at ESPN, I never really had a baseball team until I met my wife, Jenny, who quickly converted me into a Red Sox fan. It was one of the first things I loved about her.
  2. And it fit: Carl Yastrzemski, one of Boston's (and baseball's) all-time greats lived in the same dorm at Notre Dame that I did decades later.
  3. Jenny and I got engaged in Boston and were at Fenway for a game within the hour.
  4. We walked into our wedding reception to "Sweet Caroline," a staple at Fenway.
  5. Our dog, Buckner, is named after a former Red Sox player. Those who know Red Sox or even just baseball history will know this was an … odd choice. But it fits us and her perfectly.
  6. Our son, Henry, was born about two weeks after they won the World Series in 2013.
  7. When our daughter was born two months ago today, we named her Caroline—not because of the song, but it didn't hurt.
  8. The Red Sox are a thread that runs through our entire life together. They're often not in the foreground, especially now that we have two kids under three, but they're always there.
  9. Now they're about to be the soundtrack to another summer in our house. Whether this season turns out great or awful, I love that.
  10. So happy Opening Day, and of course:
  11. Go Sox