The 6 Best Photos of My Dog I Found in 5 Minutes: The Remix

  1. Our first baby
    Before we had kids, we got Buckner, a German shorthaired pointer. Note the spider bite on her left ear. I may or may not have freaked about that when it swelled up a day later.
  2. A lady …
    She started doing that point at 8 weeks old. All instinct.
  3. … and a scholar
    She's a big Jane Austen fan.
  4. Date night
    We may go down as one of history's greatest couples. In fact, the only thing she loves more than me is …
  5. This ball
    We call it her pacifier, and we buy this exact one about once a year because she compresses them from biting them so much.
  6. Her partner in crime
    In fact, that ball is the only thing that has truly ever been able to keep up with her.