The 7 Scandal Characters I'd Want on My Kickball Team

aka The Shondaland ShadeThrowers
  1. Olivia Pope
    Quintessential five-tool player. No weaknesses. Likely could get us a good deal on white hats.
  2. Jake Ballard
    Freakish talent, even if he does … uh … come unhinged from time to time. Basically Manny Ramirez. And bonus: Felicity would probably come to some of our games.
  3. Cyrus Beane
    For sure can get us some steroids.
  4. Huck
    If the benches ever clear, we are going to. Fuck. You. Up.
  5. Elizabeth North
    See Huck. But in a way you don't mind quite so much.
  6. Rowan Pope
    Who wants to get hyped up by a pre-game speech? I WANT TO GET HYPED UP BY A PRE-GAME SPEECH SIR YES SIR!
  7. David Rosen
    We'll make him bring snack.