The Thing Meatloaf Wouldn't Do for Love

Only one answer can be the right answer. But what is it?
  1. Pay back that 20 bucks he owes you?
  2. Catsit?
  3. Call himself "Turkey Meatloaf"?
  4. Lay the points?
  5. Wear white after Labor Day?
  6. Take this three-minute survey?
  7. Call Saul?
  8. Save his work as he goes?
  9. Get an online car insurance quote from The General?
  10. Tip more than 13%?
  11. Answer "Sure, that's fine" when asked "Is Pepsi okay?"
  12. Follow back?
  13. Admit American Pie 2 was better than American Pie?
  14. Pay extra for his bags?
  15. Care it's your birthday?
  16. Give a straight answer to a simple question?