Let me live, learn and grow.
  1. Be vulnerable
    *note to self: Stay true to your core. Rejection and failure is essential to growth. You'll survive.
  2. Trust your instincts
    *note to self: if you have to question it, listen to your gut.
  3. Be yourself
    *note to self: Even if he won't accept the way you eat French fries. You eat those French fries and you enjoy those fries.
  4. Use your voice
    *note to self: it's ok to be heard. Your opinion matters too.
  5. Never stop learning
    *note to self: always look for ways to learn new things and do better than yesterday.
  6. Push yourself
    *note to self: even if you're not sure, Go for it. You won't regret it. Stop second guessing your choices and keep pushing.
  7. Don't get too comfy
    Don't be lazy!! Seriously DONT BE LAZY. ALWAYS BE HUNGRY.
  8. Get sleep
    *note to self: Team up all night, team no sleep is overrated. You're better when you're well rested.
  9. Listen
    *note to self: Open your ears. Actively listen and don't cut other people off. Hear them how you want to be heard too.
  10. Explore
    *note to self: Go places and try new things even if you don't have anybody to accompany you.
  11. Take risks
    *note to self: You'll never know, If you never do. Just DO it.
  12. Open up
    *note to self: Open up to people and all things. Career, coworkers, dating, potential baes, family and friends. People won't know you need them unless you show them. Open up to all the abundance the universe provides and has to offer. Trust God and know what's meant for you will never miss you. 💕
  13. Cants into cans and dreams into plans
    *note to self: Just because it isn't happening right now, right here, today doesn't mean it will never happen. Keep going. Continue to chase dreams and be GREAT.
  14. Go with the flow
    *note to self: But don't get swept up in the currents. ♓️🌊 *note to self: don't have such high expectations for life or people in it. Just remain true to yourself and be genuine and live as fully and wholeheartedly as possible.
  15. Mind over matter
    *note to self: You can literally do whatever you put your mind to. Just believe that you can and don't give up.