A look back of the cool hip lingo kids these days are using. With a few plugs of my own made-up words too. My own version of "Hooked on Ebonics 2015" please enjoy.
  1. Lit
    Often used as, "Stay Lit." Or "Come through it's Lit" as in, *uses in sentence* it's so much fun, it's going up, it's low-key fire that's how lit it is over here.
  2. Flame
    To call somebody flame or think they're flame, means you think they're hot. Paul, "I think you're flame"
  3. Clachet
    A classy ratchet, simple as that.
  4. Sophistaratchet
    A Sophisticated ratchet, one who possibly has a corporate well paying job but still enjoys trap music on the daily basis. (My own word)
  5. Thrifty
    Sentence, "These hoes is thrifty" often used to describe a bummy, bad luck ass Bish. A female who is thrifty means she thinks she's cute and on Fleek when in reality her wig ain't cute, outfit don't match, needs a fill on her fake nails... You know just thrifty and low budget looking. Another word we made up
  6. Sizzle
    To go on "sizzle" mode, one must "fall back" and wait for a text message. If I say, "I'll let sir sizzle" I'm leaving him alone until he wants to talk to me. Like cooking eggs, or bacon, you have to let it sizzle but too much heat or time can cause it to burn.